Yes, I like landscape photography.

I have come to despise the genre that suggests Man is vile and fallen
and should not be portrayed in nature. I am most interested in scenes that illustrate a harmony of Man in Nature. After years in the Rockies, I prefer - infinitely - an apple orchard. Or a pasture.

As for medium, I simply use what will express my feelings and the data for that image. 80% of the time, it's B&W. Obviously, when all the world becomes gray, usually color conveys the emotion when B&W would fail. It is NOT dogmatic, nor ideological for me. It's all about the image.

Here's a 'fall color' shot of a wonderful scene I look forward to every year. It will never work in B&W, it depends completely upon Color. And FLASH !

Perhaps we can have a 'landscape workshop' here sometime. But everyone would have to love celtic music.