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From what I understand, it seems there are more hazardous household chemicals to dump down a drain than used fixer.</td></tr></table><span id='postcolor'>
Well, yeah.....ok what I have read states that you should mix the developer and the stop bath to neutralize the solutions. Some even claim they are good for septic tanks because they provide organic material. I dont know and I would not bet my 8x10 on it. Silver is what is known as heavy metal, much like mercury although not that harmful. Depending on the concentration it could harm the bacteria in your septic tank, but many people have told me it is not so for hobbiest darkroom quantities. As a manager for household hazardous waste collection, we used to take fixer as a haz waste, but the limit was 5 gals, kind of dumb if you ask me but I did not make the rules. Your best bet would be to take Ed&#39;s advice and get one of them little silver recovery gizmos. This way you are sure not to mess up your septic tank.