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I'm FULLY on board with Blansky. Besides - what does it cost YOU to keep them safe? Somewhere around.... oh, maybe nothing...?

Isn't it just your ego that would make you want to destroy them? Besides... why throw away potential money if the client should come calling?
Hey Sparky,

How many sets of negs do you have stored? I am just wondering, some of us that do this for a living, have a tendancy to accumilate a massive amount of negatives, my last dump of negatives was over 500 sets of 36 exposure negs, quite a pile to say the least...

As long as you spell it out up front before the job commences, there is no problems at all, my clients understand fully my policies and if they want them, they contact me before the expiration of their contract, of course, I stay in contact with them over the year, just in case of babies, or new grads and such to see if I can get follow up work..but once a year is expired, they either go to the client or they go in the trash, there is no ego at all involved in it, it is just a job...no better, no worse than the last one or the next one!