I finally received some fresh Fortepan 200 film and tested it today. This follows recent testing of JanC Classic 200 and Bergger BPF 200. All of the films tested were in 4X5 sheet film size and of very recent production.

Fortepan 200, JandC Classic 200 and Bergger BPF 200 appear to be the same film with different wrapping. For example, all three films show the following.

1. give the same light turquoise/cyan color from the pre-soak water;

2. give virtually identical density reading in both Blue and UV mode on all 21 steps of a transmission step wedge, at development times varying from 5 to 22 minutes;

3. have a virtually identical point of gamma infinity in terms of CI;

4. produce curves that are virtually identical for any given time of development.

Sandy King