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IMHO ultra fine grain does not do a print any favours at all unless you print really large from small negs (when grain would otherwise be large and potentially ugly if you dont want it!) ... Use film/dev/paper combos that produce beautiful images that you like the *look* of and if the grain is too much at the print size you require and tonality is breaking up, use a bigger piece of film.
I agree. I would even say, that grain is usually not an issue at all in LF. One even must make an effort to get some grain in certain cases.

Gigabitfilm is on the other hand a film that also looks different/interesting. You may like it or not - or not in all cases. So don't consider Gigabit Sheet Film for the lack of grain only.

Gigabitfilm is also convenient to process, esp. if you do color as well and already have a processor for that. 13 f-stops at a gamma of 0.5 is within the Standard of chemistry I. Different gamma values and "normal" B&W processing is availiable with chemitry IV.