i havent been able to use a darkroom for a while, so have been scanning my negs to see if they will be worth a print once I can do it properly.

Mr preferred methods were Ilford MGFB, with dilute Neutol WA and a reasonably short dip in Kodak rapid selenium (1:15 @ 20 deg) to remove the greeny hues. I got a fairly pleasing neutralish image.

Since scanning, I've been messing with digi toning and have come up with some very pleasing inage colours (on MY monitor anyway - they never look the same elsewhere)

What i want to know is - when i do get round to silver printing them, how do i tone to get the same effect. I usually work in a greyscale file until the inage is as i want it - then convert to RGB - open a colour balance layer and add 8 red & 4 yellow to the shadows; 4 yellow to the mids; and 1 yellow to the highlights. Those of you who have the time or inclination to try this out in p'shop, and who know their toning - how do i recreate this look? It is a kind of mild sepia/ wam effect. My thoughts were to use a warm tone paper with a creamy colour base and then maybe a brown toner - but which? - sepia, polysulphide, thiocarbamide, viradon???

I know the answer is most likely to be test, test, test - but anything I can do to avoid xtra expenditure .... :roll: