The camera points both ways. What we should hope to see in the photographs of an individual is their view of the world, and maybe get a little insight into how that person thinks creatively. While elusive, it is genuine (another word different than truth).

Contrast that with the photographer who attempts to photograph what he thinks others might want to see. I am not blindly referring to all commercial imaging with this statement, since the top of commercial imaging does reflect upon the photographer. However, many of us have likely seen the all to common postcard type images, or popular attractions; basically touristy type images some photographers might hope will sell to someone; and that could be stock imagery, fine art or editions of images, or in some cases less inspired commercial work.

To professional photographers, ask yourself if it was not for the money, would you still be doing a particular job for a client. To amateurs, or fine art photographers, ask yourself what your images say about you. Be honest to yourself, and others should see that in your images.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio