I much appreciate Walker Evans and his photographs. I am much of the opinion that an unmanipulated photograph neither tells the truth or lies. I belive a photograph merely shows the viewer something. Hopefully, something worth the viewer's time and attention. I believe that the truth or falsehood of the photo is a result of words that accompany the photo or are brought to bear by something internal with the viewer.

For example, let us say that I have a photo of (2) cheese souffles. One is a nice puffy golden brown and the other is a soggy, fallen burnt mess. So, there you have it. No truth or lie. Make what you will of it.

Now, lets assume that these photos are part of a cookbook. In the text the author explains how each was prepared. Still pretty straightforward as long as the information is accurately presented.

Lets asume that the photos are being offered with titles. One may be titled "Democracy" the other is titled "Tyranny". It matters not which photo bears which title. I am not against photographers that use titles to convey a point. However, what iremains is that you have 2 photos of souffles, you do not have "Democracy" or "Tyranny".

Lets us assume that 3 viewers are seeing the untitled photographs. The reaction of viewer A is. " One photo looks like the souffles we make at home, the other looks like souffles my mom used to make." Viewer B looks at the photos and thinks "Boy there sure is a difference in the results you get depending on the way you make your tuna casserole." Viewer C says "God, not more souffle photos, how boring."

I am very happy that Mr Evans took the time and effort to show us these things.