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My normal time is 3 minutes but I do develop fibre papers for up to 10 minutes to achieve a particular effect. I also reduce development to as little as 45 seconds to reduce contrast and produce a warmer print colour. Clearly, both procedures are carried out in conjunction with adjusted exposure times.
This kind of latitude demonstrates what is POSSIBLE, not what is generally necessary. For years I developed for 3 minutes in Dektol, and I only use fiber paper. After some experimentation I determined that 2 minutes gave no less acceptable results. For the last 10 years I have used Dektol exclusively, and I soup for 2 minutes at 68 F. Now that I use variable contrast papers, I let the filters, not the development, determine contrast. Tray size, volume of developer and agitation have all been standardized, so the only surprises come from my errors in technique!