The sketch pad idea is a nice one, but unfortunately my drawing abilities stem from the stick figure school.
I've just been offered the loan of a 'Peli' style case from work so given the choice between 2 weeks in Iceland without a camera and the what I consider an acceptable risk to check them in, they're going.

Robert, as Brian says ALL carry on items are currently banned, you cannot even take a newspaper or book to read, so a box full of cylindrical objects wrapped in silver foil will not amuse the security staff. I think the ban on most items is more to do with reducing delays as EVERYTHING is being hand searched.

I'm expecting to pay over the odds for film in Iceland, but the choice is no-film, or the risk of taking back a pile of fogged film. I guess that 120 velvia must be available in Iceland as there are quite a few serious photographers there, but whether and where it can be bought over the counter is what I am trying to find out. Unfortunately time is against me, if this had happened a week ago I would have had time to make appropriate arrangements.