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Others have commented in this thread on taking photos of things that interested them, and I’ve certainly done that along the way – as interests came and went. But this one has gelled into a project that will likely result in a much more significant body of work. I’m really thrilled with this.

I have had a lifelong interest (adult life, anyway) in church architecture. Why? A whole other story. Anyway, about a year ago, a couple of other apuggers invited me along to go shoot at an old church in north central Texas. We had a great time and got a few good shots. A bit later, we went to yet another old church in a different part of the state. At that outing, I was told that they were thinking of making these old country churches in Texas a photo project, and “would I be interested?”. Of course!!!

Well, to make a long story short – we have evolved into the Texas Church Project.

See: http://www.texaschurchproj.com/index.html

The other apuggers are Matt Magruder (scootermm), Mike Castles (photomc), Lee Carmichael (lee) and Jeremy Moore ("Jeremy Moore" ).

Matt Magruder has done an article on the project for the Large Format Journal, which should be coming out soon. We’ll let you know when it does.
What an awesome project! Man, I sure miss the ole home state now. Is there a book coming out of the project?

But back on topic, another avid cyclist here. I ride for distance, pleasure, groceries, and books. I love having a camera with me while on my bike because it is SO easy to pull over for a shot.