Today I got my pics back from the lab. I shot a test roll of Kodak High Definition ISO 400 with my recently purchased Nikon F3HP and an old 50mm 1.8 lens. I was not expecting anything spectacular, but boy was I wrong! The colors, sharpness, tones, and overall quality just blew me away. I have recently been using Nikon DSLR cameras and was somewhat happy with the results after some PS work, but the images straight out of the camera from my F3HP are light years ahead in terms of resolution and tonal range. So, I have decided to stop collecting film equipment for the sake of collecting and shoot as much film as possible. After all, what is the purpose of collecting old equipment anyway? To carefully hold on to it for several years and sell it to someone else at a higher price? In the meantime, imagine how many outstanding images are not being taken just because you want to maintain that "mint" condition on that old F2 or FTN? Now where did I put that old 105mm 2.5...?