I recently acquired a Paterson darkroom thermometer and I was using it to monitor the temperature of the water in my Jobo CPE. However, I started to have my suspicions about the accuracy of the thermometer when I had to turn up the temperature on the Jobo in order to obtain the desired 24 degrees C. I dug out my Jessops thermometer and I was amazed to find that it had an indicated reading of 26 degrees C. I would expect half a degree difference between the thermometers but two degrees, thatís a lot. I then had to dig out a brewing thermometer to see if I had two thermometers that agreed. The brewing thermometer concurred with the Jessops thermometer.

I now find myself in the market for a decent thermometer. My priorities are reliability, consistency and long life. Reasonable accuracy would also be helpful

Iím thinking of getting a digital thermometer as Iíve managed to break the glass type in the past. Does anyone have any experience of the Kaiser or Ilford digital thermometers? The Ilford model is almost three times the price of the Kaiser thermometer. Is it worth it? Whatís everyone else using out there?