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Sounds like you've found most of the traps. The 28 Componon came ( I think ) in two versions. Mine is black with the painted aperture mark ( the Schneider 'disc' ). It's filter size is larger than 40.5, smaller than 46. best I could do.

Thanks for the reply. B&H photo lists this lens but it seems to be a different make from the one you have because the filter size is 30.5. Do you know about this version?

By all means start hunting around the dark corners of Madison for FAX-Nikkors, 'printing nikkors', and so on. You might even turn up a a de-accessioned Microphot/Aristophot etc.
The problem with a small university town like Madison is that there aren't that many dark corners left. I have checked out the few camera shops but they are happy to serve the coolpix crowd - I guess they need to survive.

If you have any tips about rummaging for such exotica I'd love to know. I suspect that the way some academic departments misuse grant money, they might be throwing away some great stuff but don't know where I might find these. Just the other day a gentleman bragged on photo.net how in his lab everyone laughed at a $4000 Nikkor and trashed it because they had just upgraded to Zeiss glass! Now, I am at the university of Wisconsin and would be willing to do a fair bit of rummaging through these trash cans since the NSF doesn't fund my hobby but I just don't know where to look.

Also, I hadn't heard of FAX-Nikkors before and although I knew about 'printing', macro and ultra-micro ones I can find little organized information on them apart from scattered mentions on the web. There is of course this quaint site with haikus and odes written to these lenses. But if you know of any books or other resources for such stuff, I'd appreciate the information.

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