The home of lens envy, a bizarre but strangely moving website.

And who am I to cast stones ?

Anyway, look out for auctions, sales, scrap parts- rummage sales. About all you can do. And ANY deaprtment is likely to have neat stuff gathering dust. Classics profs often collect ancient coins: a prof of mine had a full Nikon Multiphot in his office !

Any place that uses optical gadgets for some purpose... or did.. is a possibility.

The guy on photo.net sounds too bizarre for words. The Department Chairman is usually entitled to evicerate anybody who would do such a thing... if true, I hope the perpetrator is removed from the gene pool.

Nikon is a good example ( Zeiss and Leitz being others ), renowned for photo gear, but whose real expertise is in the Scientific area. Taking pictures of scenery is laughably easy compared to doing scientific imaging. When you are balancing diffraction, motion, and depth of field to make the image --- and controlling the results by adjusting the wavetength of light -- THAT'S technical photography.

Anyhow, for sane field photography, almost any well made special lens will suffice. I've never believed that Zeiss, for instance, makes special optics that are kept secret. The best gear that is made is made to be sold. But sometimes we can pick up something that will suffice... it is bizarre to think that a super rare objective might turn up for the takingm, but these are funny times.

By all means, don't become afflicted by lens obsession.... but keep your eyes open as you walk the halls of your building

For more information about thses old objectives, Red Book & 1001 Nikon are good places.... as well as local leica / zeiss / nikon reps ( for the scientific market ).

Best of luck