Ok. With the recent events reminding us of the troubled times we live in I thought I would post some "comfort food" for your consideration and discussion. Someone had to post him eventually. Just as well be me.

What can you say about Ansel? If I would hazard a guess, probably 75% of the photographers I have ever met or read about in various mags over the years credit Ansel as their inspriation to become serious photographers. I know when I saw his work in person over 20 years ago I went out and bought a used 4x5 about a week later.

This is one of my favorite Adams images. Mt. Williamson. The composition is great, the geometry of the boulders, the mountains, the shafts of light along with the clouds, the depth of field and all that fantasitic simple desolation.

While his images are icons to many, I wonder though, does Adams hold any relevance to young photographers today?