This is a classic Ansel Adams image. He used the near/far relationship to bring the illusion of depth to the scene and overly dramatic skies to the point that it becomes boring for me.

Adams influenced me at the outset. But having spent time in locations where the Adams genre of images can be readily seen and photographed by anyone who visits these places, his work leaves me somewhat underwhelmed today. That was not the case until I spent an appreciable amount of time in those types of locations.

Adams, in my view, sought to fashion compositions from groupings of an attempt to portray an experience, if you will...whereas a photographer such as Weston sought to portray the essence of the individual forms. In certain ways these two were polar opposites in their approach.

I have a greater appreciation for the work of the latter.

I am not taking the position that Adams should not or could not bring a certain visual experience to another person. I am simply stating that this is my experience of seeing his work.