On a related note....

I've been reading the on-line albumen book from the link provided as well as some other articles on the subject.

One thing that struck me was the statement by some that you needed good quality eggs for the albumen. Ideally from free-range organic chickens.

Does anyone have any experience with both standard store eggs and organic eggs? I'm wondering if there is that much of a difference.

In theory I can see this as being true. I have raised chickens before and the eggs you get from free-range organic hens do LOOK different. But I don't know if that affects the albumen.

Also, off the wall question here. Anyone know of anyone who has used ostrich eggs as a source? There is an ostrich ranch not far from me which sells the infertile eggs. They have a LOT of albumen in them. Just wondering if anyone has used them and if there is any difference in quality.