While there are definitely differences between the two, I think it is important to remain realistic about the importance of one over the other. Get your working methods down, and either can produce excellent prints. But some people make it sound like if you're not printing with a cold light head, you can't produce exhibition quality prints. This is absolute bollocks, of course - my person experience has pointed out that I can produce some thoroughly high-end prints on my grumpy Omega D2 condenser in a temporarily converted laundry room with blankets taped over the door. Some people take it to heart, though, that condenser enlarging is somehow intrinsically inferior to cold light, and seem willing to do everything short of taking out a third mortgage to get a cold light head. Regardless of the difference, great prints can be made with either type of light source. The difference can be important, but it's nothing to panic over if you don't have the "right" one.