Hello All,

I'm putting together my workshop schedule for this next year and wanted to reserve dates for a repeat of this year's gathering. I'm hoping we can get lightning to strike again and have another great time of it up in the woods. A lot of those that attended this year mentioned adding some time on to the next one, so I've decided to start it on a Tuesday and run through the weekend. That way there will be much more time for shooting and exploring more areas. Those that can't make it early can still join us for the weekend.

I'm looking at starting on June 19 and run through to Sunday the 24th. Basically the same weekend as this year. Not too cool, but not into scorcher weather yet. I won't do the poll thing this time as I am putting this on the calendar early. Hopeful all of you that want to attend will pencil it in and protect the time so you can join us.

Those interested can see info on this year's gathering HERE.

I will soon be posting the schedule for the next year on the site and will have all info up at that time. Hope to see everyone again as well as some new faces!