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The photographer's point of view, I think, is careful observation. They are full of life. This one in particular, is humorous and frightening all at once. I find this aggressive play between the girls a little disturbing. And the boy peeking...well, more of a gander really, is what makes this so decisive, and striking without banging you over the head with a brick like so many HCB photographs. I find it a masterpiece.

Boy, she really has a pair of eyes for the subtle and not so subtle ways children and people move and play on the street.!
From a sociological perspective, I see a few things going on here. Inner city stresses; lack of parental supervision (they were working and the kids fended for themselves), an assertion of a pecking order with the miscreant boy child trumping the conflict between the two girls.

There is a lot going on here. Even from the perspective of the photographer. Seeing and observing rather than intervening. How much observation versus interaction with the children was there? Were they aware that they were being observed? If they were was there simple indifference? Would this have been tolerated if a different social acquaintance had been present?

Rich with perspective and the moment really is decisive from both photographer and subject POV.