I am about to try some bromoil prints and have about got all the necessary tools, materials, etc.
Have been doing lots of research and am now down to the inks. As with everything else there seems to be different views on who's . Am considering Bostick and Sullivan or David Lewis's ink. My biggest concern is managing the consistency . Any suggetions?

David Lewis has several types of oil for thining (?) and beeswax for hardening. Should both types of oil be purchased along with the beeswax?
I realize this is one of those personal perferences, but am just trying to get some current views.

Reviewed Ed's article and discovered that I had collected a few bushes that ended up being useful. I was just looking for something along the lines of stencil brushes so it was a shot in the dark. The paper was very helpful, especially when i got to the supply list . Thanks.