Just wanted to throw out the idea of a macro photography forum to see what everyone thought of it. I do various kinds of traditional photography and am planning to venture into alternative processes and LF soon, but I have always had a strong fascination for macro work. I took it up a couple of years ago because it forces one to inculcate good technique and I still think that it is as exacting an area of photography technically as one can find.

Given the technical demands of macro photography, there is a wealth of information out there that is not very easy to access and I think a macro forum would serve those film users who still practice the craft. In most digital forums on the web the board is filled with "do I get the Tamron or the Canon macro" questions and the solution of all technical difficulties seems to be dropping a thousand bucks on the Canon MPE-65! If one is interested in enlarger lenses, cine lenses, bellows and such exotica, it's very difficult to find a forum to discuss these. Even on APUG, I can't find one forum to accommodate it - see for example this thread that i had to put in the enlarging forum.

So, I am sugesting that a macro photography forum would be very useful as a repository of the immense amount of technical information that is out there for serious users not looking to get a quick kick with a coolpix.

I would like to hear other forum members' opinions on the topic.