We just got back from a drive in the mountains and checked out the trailhead. Plenty of parking and there is plenty of primitive campsites on past the parking area for those so inclined. We used our DeLorme laptop GPS to lead us out there and it only took us 1 1/2 hours to get there from our doorstep. The route took us to the outskirts of Cleveland from the west via the outskirts of Dahlonega and straight on to the scenic parkway. The parking area for Dukes Creek Falls is within a stones throw, Dodd Creek with Raven Cliff Falls being a branch of Duke Creek. On the way back we roamed west and wound up at Turners Corner Cafe where I had a very good barbeque sandwich, best I'd had in a while. The meat was stewed in the sauce and the flavor was sweet and spicy! We passed Unicoi, the two DeSoto Falls, Helton Falls and the Waters Creek area with it's three or four falls on the way home, so if you still want to shoot as you retreat theres no lack of quarry!