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I don't know that I accept Ed's explanation for the sole consideration for collimated light sources. That may be one consideration based upon his experience. I find it difficult to accept that this is the only consideration. It is sort of like saying that the only reason for the use of salt in my diet is for electolyte balance in my body. There are other considerations as well, as I see it. For one my food tastes better with salt. Or for that matter it would be akin to saying that automobiles are manufactured for transportation only. That statement is very limited...it takes into account none of the attentuating and coincidental considerations.
Who said "sole"? - Or "Only"? I thought I made it very clear in the last paragraph that other reasons were there - and that I recognized them ... "Tastes good", "Feels good" ... aesthetics -- or whatever. And ... I checked ... the "IMHO" - "In My Humble Opinion" seemed pretty clear to me.

I was trying to make the point that there was NO clear-cut winner **IMHO**; and that some of the arguments supporting "condenser" systems seemed a little weak. Did I miss something ... was "evenness of illumination" cited anywhere?
I think that it was cited in your earlier post. Apart from you citing it, I don't think that anyone engaged in enlarging a photographic negative would consider that a debatable issue. It would appear that it must be a "given". For without that then all else is for nothing.

I don't really care to debate this issue. I am happy that you are happy with whatever system you choose to use. Good luck to you.