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But we aren't judging the man. Only the work.

I'm not sure that any good work of art needs context to be "legitimate". I'm kind of torn on that issue.

If the picture can't stand on its own, should then a context or explanation be something that elevates it to something else.

Someone is these last few days made the comment about Migrant Mother that without the context this would just be another photo. But is not the desperation, and beaten down expression on her face, plainly there, even without the background knowledge?

I think it is. And this elevates it above a picture that needs explanation.

Thank you, Michael (I never thought I'd say that) but you have said exactly what I was about to say. My ignorance not withstanding, I believe a piece of art should stand on it's own without expaination or it's only what the artist wants you to see. So I stand by my statement that this does not appeal to me at all. You can add all the flowery artists statements and expainations all you want and it won't change my mind.