Ever have one of those days where you should have left the camera at home, and probably stayed in bed??? I had one today.

I had some free time (a rarity lately) and decided to take a short ride up to Fremont to check out Mission San Jose. It was an easy 16 mile drive from my house. I stopped at the camera store and picked up a few rolls of film and headed off with my 35mm gear.

I got to the mission, and took a roll outside, reloaded and started my way up to the main entrance to the mission. (the gift shop, what a surprise!).

I got in the door, and started browsing through their merchandise, just killing time. That’s when the Nun behind the counter attacked me .

“You can’t wear a backpack inside the chapel or on the tour!” I said ok, and continued to browse. She said it again, a little louder, and lot more forceful. “You can’t wear a backpack inside the chapel or on the tour!!” I said no problem, I would drop it off at my car before entering the chapel. I smiled, and went on my way. Then she said… “I don’t want you wearing it in the gift shop either! By this time, my Sicilian / Irish blood started to boil. He he… I started walking to the door, ignoring her, and was just going to put my backpack away. When I opened the door, a family with 4 young kids ran into the gift shop and made a commotion. I held the door open for them, wondering if the gift shop Nazi was going to let the kids in her precious gift shop (they might break something ya know…) she did, I was ½ way out the door, and she yells out. “backpacks inside the chapel or on the tour!” I stopped, turned to her, and stared at her for slightly longer then it was comfortable for either of us, then turned around, went to my car, and headed out for my second location.

Location # 2 was about 6 or 7 miles down the road. Historic Niles, CA. It was a Mecca for silent film production back in the good ol’ days. The light was pretty harsh, so I just spent some time going through the antique shops, and looking in the windows of the closed shops. Planned a few shots for a return visit, etc. I was there over an hour, and decided it was time to head home. I was about 20’ from my car when this Grizzly Adams character in his late 50’s drives up next to me in his 1970’s jeep and yells. Get the hell out of here, we don’t like your type! My jaw hits the ground… he peels away from the curb and honks his horn as he drives wildly down the main street of the town.

By this time, I knew it was time to come home. I told my wife, and she told me that I must just attract weird people. Hehe.

What a strange day.