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On a somewhat related note, I have looked at the Iwasaki H125-BL screw-in light bulbs (125 and 160w E27), hoping they may be viable for printing 5x7/13x18. The link: http://www.specialtyoptical.com//cat...bl_2712672.htm. From what I can understand of the manufacturers information they are giving out UV in the 360 nm (and over) range which should be enough. (?)

Even if they work, I still need to get a socket and cable to handle the 125 or 160w...
These lamps require the use of a ballast. I think making a light box out of a bank of 36W or 40W BLB tubes will give a much more even coverage of UV over the surface of the print in a smaller box than using a single (or a number of) 125W BLB mercury vapour lamp(s). Buying a handful of ordinary fluoro battens and replacing the tubes with BLB type tubes is simpler than messing about with lamp holders, ballasts, power factor capacitors etc. (at least, I'm planning to go down the path of using the tubes).