Apparently nice idea, but I think it is bad. The bulletin board isn't well-suited for transfer of large amounts of information or for coherent discussions. And because the BB is open to all -- I like this -- it gathers a dangerous mixture of good and bad information. Just look at the irrelevant nonsense about working closeup that's been posted here and on other photo BBs.

Besides, there are books on the topic that contain more information about it than most of us can deliver. Lester Lefkowitz' The Manual of Closeup Photography and Brian Bracegirdle's Scientific PhotoMacrography, for two. For relative beginners, A. A. Blaker's Field Photography. And then there are H. Lou Gibson's two large pamphlets, Kodak Publications N-12A and N-12B (might have got the letter wrong, if so, sorry). For imbeciles who need inspiring images as well as technical advice, Heather Angel's book on closeup; it is head and shoulders above John Shaw's.

I don't see the point of typing what's in those books when the person wanting the information can just buy one or several of them and get it all.