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"He came from a well-to-do family."
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yeah - don't they all!!! Bastards. LOL
Adams: wealthy family on the way down, married heir to concession in Yosemite who supported them. Arbus and Avedon: Fathers owned high-class clothing stores in NYC. Bourke-White: wealthy family. Cartier-Bresson: one of the "Great Families of France." Eisenstadt: poor immigrant, well-to-do family lost everything in post WW1 German inflation. Walker Evans: Father was successful stockbroker. Karsh: penniless immigrant. Kertesz: Banking family, came to America broke, wife developed wildly successful cosmetic business. Dorothea Lange: mother was social worker, father deserted them, she married tenured professor. Gene Smith: father made fortune in grain elevators, lost everything, committed suicide for the life insurance. Steichen: self-made, had very poor immigrant parents. Stieglitz: Rich father, married successful painter O'Keefe. Strand: Father was wealthy importer. Weston: family were upper-middle class professionals, he married one of the land-owning California Chandler family who raised the children and partially supported him until his second marriage.
Several of these people lived in abject poverty, but had family resources to fall back on.