Carol, in alphabetical order,, and, seem to be highly superior replacements for the corner used book store. And the books I recommended are, with the exception of Bracegirdle, out of print and rarely found in the used book stores to which I have access.

Anupam, not everyone agrees with me, but IMO there's not much to closeup photography. The technique is exacting but not hard to understand. It may be that I'm too dim to see the complexities.

Also, I'm tired of seeing the same old questions over and over again from people who think that asking for help is the best way to get it. IMO, one should always do a little searching -- in one's own library, via Google and its competitors -- before begging strangers for information. People who beg before reading their cameras' manuals are, IMO, simply pathetic. I see questions from people too lazy or dense to RTFM as insults.