Dan I can see your point.....but....here it comes.....new people to photography as in the next generation who will carry on analog photography do not have your expertise in this matter. There will always be the same basic redunant questions asked. It is the nature of people searching. They find a place like apug and in their enthusiasm will ask the same questions that have already been asked, without their having done a search. I'm guilty of this on other boards. I might even ask in the future here a stupid already answered question because it is faster to ask and get that quick reply than to do a search. Just human nature coming into play.

As to the idea of a forum for macro/closeup this comes at a very opportune time. Emulsion has had for a long time now planned the third issue will be on macro/closeup photography. While we can't replace the books mentioned, it can bring portfolios and stories of those doing this work to our readers. It may inspire more people to try this medium. The forum will also answer the question for those of us who either can't get to a bookstore (not all buy on line) or who do not have the spare cash to purchase those books. There are a myriad of reasons this forum would be a good idea. If someone doesn't like it, they can always choose to ignore that forum as Sean has provided us with that option. Sharing even if it is old rehash, is never a bad thing. Be glad that there is a need instead of stagnation.

BTW this might be good for those who are interested and or do Macro to send me ideas. We are still in the plannign stages of issue 3, but will soon have it wrapped up.