Well working with curves and levels in PS we could certainly "fix" the contrast and tonality -- just kidding!!

Actually, the OP said pretty much all there is in terms of composition etc.

Picture makers (be they photogs or painters or sketchers etc.) always find open doors (or similar portals) an almost irresistable image. It make the viewer curious - what's inside? Why did the person leave the broom right in the doorway - was she or he distracted by something that needed tending to inside such that they did not have time to put away the broom - or even close the door behind them!

As Bill says above - a photo like this "sticks in your mind" and some day or other you find a similar scene and just "have" to shoot that picture. I guess this is what is meant by an "icon picture" - one that once viewed remains in our subconcious to inform us in the future.

Great shot and great choice for discussion.