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It is also obvious that he played with (and also deliberately broke) many of the painterly rules of composition in his photographs (which was apparently one of the reasons he was "adopted" in his old age by the Surrealists).
That he was "adopted" by the surrealists is new for me, what I know is that some of them bought his photos to support him, mainly Man Ray, who lived door to door with him in the Rue Campagne Premier. No clue what could be the bridge from his work to surrealism, there is not any bigger contradiction imaginable for me in form and intention.

That he made experiments in the 20s, well I personally never heard of it but is more likely than not. If so , Berenice Abbott could be the only reliable source for that, did she report such experiments ?

Anyway, whatever the intentions were which let him take this photo,
at least esthetically for me it is completely off rail. The longer I watch it the more it looks a bit surrealistic, maybe you are right.