You don't think getting help on a BBS is good but Googling for answers is good? Information on a BBS isn't reliable but information on personal websites and blogs are? I have more than a few books on photography that must have been written by people that took some college classes and thought they automatically knew everything. One book in particular has some of the worst looking photos I have ever seen for someone considered good enough to write a book. And how do we know which writers and online sites are actually reliable? Do we just guess?

Personally I'd rather get a variety of input from a number of people that can claim some experience with what I am seeking input on. They may offer bad advice, but they may well offer good advice. I don't see it as any worse than investing money in books that may offer bad advice or incomplete information on techniques.

I would love to see a macro forum. Apparently it's so simple, but even after reading articles online and reading books there are still some things I just don't understand. Perhaps I'm not as smart as I like to sometimes think I am.