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To be honest I'd forgotten about him.

I went to Borders and tried to find a book but they had only one and it wasn't the one I'd seen before so I'm going to order one.

For some reason I'm drawn to the period between the wars although he did a lot more than that. Also I'm drawn to the elite of the time. I watch Peroit on BBC or Biography Channel every week and and love the period.

I think the 1920-1930s were one of the most interesting times of that century. Don't know why but a lot of great writers and artists came out of that time.

I agree about the between war years. I found a Christies auction catalogue at a used bookstore from a sale back in the 80s. It was an auction of a huge private collection of photography from those years. Mostly European, but some vintage American (Evans, Abbott, Sheeler). Absolutely fascinating work by a lot of people I never heard of. Also a lot of what is considered modern or post modern art has its roots (for good or bad) in the dadists and surrealists whose work was a response to the traumas of WWI. Also the zenith of a lot of the robber barons, Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc. Add to all that acceptance and growth on a broad scale automobiles, airplanes, radio, movies, recording of music and first mass produced consumer goods.