Thanks for your reply dr Ross, and forgive me if I was complaining in my previous post. Mr C. Woodhouse explained to me that my mail got lost in some spam-mail. As I wrote to you before, I suspect a fool can ask more than ten wise men can answer (me being the fool in this equation). I am sure, ones I get it right, the analyzer will proof to be an enormous advantage in my darkroom. Up to now I have been looking for the nearest non white strip, I.e. the first strip that I thought was descernable from paperbasewhite. Is that maybe to for down the toe-end? Secondly I would like to ask you, what you think of Dr. Phill's method of calibrating using a Stouffen stepwedge. If I understand correctly that would simplify calibrating somewhat, allthough I miss negativebase+fogg in his method. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks JJ