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In interviews later in his life Many Ray spoke of discovering Atget as a "naive" surrealist and the work of the old man Atget being an influence on Ray and his group at that time (and on Minor White's comments on Atget's technique - or rather lack thereof - Ray's response was that Atget was an artist not a perfectionist...)
I think I see what you mean with "adopted", and indeed these photos allow a surrealistic interpretation.
Nonetheless, Rays adoption is a bit eery, without any doubt these photos had originally a documentary approach and I wish I'd know what Atgets opinion was about the surrealisitic adoption.

BTW I too kept him always as an artist, not because (different from his predecessor Marville) he did not care at all about technical proper execution, but because he had, at least for me, the magic ability to make urban places speak, like others make a landscape speak.
This sorta "artistic documentation" makes him so unique and fascinating for many people.
That Man Ray probably tried to help the old artist into the flourishing business of Surrealism, well that is another story, quite interesting thought, hard to imagine tho that Atget liked this idea ?