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Aren't you deciding, by your statements against a macro forum, that a person who has to ask has not done their research?
I don't think so. I thought I suggested search or think first, then ask if still stumped. And search includes looking in books as well as using, e.g., Google.

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The other thing is that a lot of people are not proficient or even confident in doing online searches. I know a lot of intelligent people that no matter how they try they are not competent at doing an internet search.
Searching and failing to find or understand the answer is better than giving up in advance. I do a fair amount of searching, turn up surprises. Searching, in books and over the internet alike, is a learned skill. As with all learned skills, practice builds proficiency.

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Even if the person asking is too lazy to bother reading a book or taking test shots to find out what the possibilities are, there are always people like myself that may be reading, that have done the research but will still benefit from the question having been asked. I've said it before, I rarely ask questions on APUG because I can usually find the answers in a current or an old thread. I read threads that don't even pertain to what I do because I may get something, if only a half-baked idea, from the discussion.
Interesting. So in fact you look for answers. That's great. Do you also try to understand what's going on and solve problems yourself before looking?