Dan yes we will be amicable about this. What I'm seeing is your arguments are based on personal observations from what you do and how you learned. It is the fallacy of ( do not quote me on how to spell this so it is phonetic) tu que qua to say it is absolute and all are lumped in in the same catogry. In other words how you learn is not how everyone learns. It may be a sore point with you that others do not do likewise, but we are again, all different. In the final bit on this subject, what does it hurt to have another forum? If it is something that you really do not want to see, there is still the ignore function. Yet I will say this right along with that, you are a wealth of knowldeg on the subject. You would be a valuable asset to such a forum. Yes it will be the same tired, to you, questions. It will grate on your nerves. It is all up to you in the end if you participate or not. Learning how ever you choose to do it is never a bad thing.