Not wanting to be a doomsdayer, I mentioned this in the "end of analog" thread.

With the proliferation of digital in the professional disciplines of photography, it is going to have dire consequences for the analog users.

The costs for Kodak etc to produce chemistry, films and papers is probably astronomical considering the EPA concerns. Add to this the fact that instead of selling millions of rolls of film to professionals, to now just selling thousands of rolls to die hards it seems this phenomena of products being discontinued is going to continue.

Granted, boutique suppliers will continue to support us, but there is little doubt that the choices we not have will begin to diminish.

I'm sure that people think that we are some sort of a large market but compared to the pros that are going digital we are a very small group. When I ran my comparitively small studio twenty years ago I used about 70 to 100 rolls a week. Multiply that by a few hundred thousand studios and you can see the number of rolls that are now, NOT being purchased. Add in product, fashion and photojournalism and the writing is on the wall.

Michael McBlane