It only confirms what I have been saying for awhile now. Those film products geared to professionals will be the first to go. First MF film, then I suspect we have probably seen the last of new MF cameras to be designed.
I can't see mfgs sinking money into a market that was almost entirely geared towards professionals that now shoot dgital.

Next will come the reduction in LF film. I still believe that this will continue to be a viable market into the future, although with a much limited selection of film from niche suppliers. It appears to me that any professional who still uses a LF camera and film does so by choice, probably in addition to digital. We also have the current increasing art and hobbyist market in LF and ULF and maybe some of the MF hobbyists will make the shift to LF as prices for used cameras, lenses and enlargers continue to go down. The internet will continue to fuel the new renaissance in alternative processes that many want a LF camera for, and some of those individuals will also shoot film.

The positive is that three or four years from now may be the ideal time to get into MF if someone keeps producing film. Older Hassys with a lens will be selling like old Calumet C-400s, today at about $150-$200.