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I'm not projecting anything, just stating my opinion on what material I'd choose if the goal was a lightweight 4x10 camera. The original poster specifically stated: "I'd like it to be metal and designed for light weight." IMHO that rules out stainless steel. If I was to design such a camera, no welding would be required. So, the relative ease of welding of stainless vs. aluminum would be irrelevant.

I'm not attacking your post, or even responding directly to it. I was just sharing my opinion based on the original poster's requirements (which happen to be very similar to my own).

The weight difference may not be all as great as you'd imagine. You can use thinner sections with stainless because it's stiffer. I had experimented at one point with a novel hinge system that I had been working on with a machinist which would do away with the need to machine the body of a view camera.

All you needed were precision ground flats (available from a number of sources) that you put together at each corner with the hinge. The hinge could be mechanically attached or welded to the flats. After detaching the bellows, the rear body (box) portion of the camera body could be collapsed nearly flat using the hinges.

When the box was opened and the corner hinges engaged, the box became totally rigid. The problem with the hinge system was in creating a light tight interior. We had several designs to solve that problem, and expiremented using flexible materials on the camera interior.

Never finished it because the machinist moved to Wyoming and it became too difficult to continue with the development.

When you stop thinking of the "right" materials and a certain way to do something (like every other design you've seen) you may end up with a new solution for the design requirements.