I cannot help but wonder about the assumption that the entire body of "Professionals" are massively, and without exception, "going digital". For the small studio dedicated to the best *quality* - price efficiency, IMHO, film is nothing like dead. Yeah - right- the High end digitals are "just as good as film" - but at what price? A top shelf Phase 1 or Leaf or -- backs are *still* in the US$10,000 to US$25,000 price range ... with a probable life of 1 to 2 years ... that is only for the back. The humongous computer - and the printer and the software are additional - all to get equal with film.

Check out the latest "Professional Photographer" magazine - I have April 2004 - *NO* ads for Digital Backs . none. There is a display ad for the entire Sinar Digital line.
Leaf does have the back cover, advertising an "Integrated Medium Format" camera - the Leaf-Mamiya "Pro Digital . for only $6999. That is the first Leaf ad in the last two issues. There is an ad for the Mamiya 645 AFD - a NEW camera with **both** optional digital AND film backs.
Hmm... last page - "Fresh Perspectives ... two images captured on Fuji Provia 100F film and combined in Photoshop. That is what I see the local small studios around here doing - capturing on *film* and manipulating after the fact digitally.

In browsing around I checked out Calumet ... Interesting to note the film - chemical paper products available from Fuji - including direct positive papers.

I wonder how much of this "Digital Revolution" is really a true fact, and how much of it is -- dare I suggest it? -- Advertising Hype.