Amen, Ed. I'm not anti-digital, although it's not what I enjoy. But yes: the amount that photographers are willing to spend on digital in order to approach the quality of film, especially medium format, is astounding. I've won a couple of contests, and sold the odd print here and there, with a $3.00 roll of film in a couple of sub-$200.00 TLRs.

Unfortunately, in today's landscape of mega-corporations, the consumer won't be able to buy what he/she wants. The consumer can only buy what is offered, and there is huge money in planned obsolescence. There is no money (well, not enough money in today's world) in my style of photography. It used to compute, but somehow it doesn't any longer.

While the above mentioned TLRs will most likely retain their value, my 2-1/2 year old $800.00 Nikon digital is down to less than 1/2 it's original value, and falling.

The only strategy I can think of is to support those boutique shops: Ilford, Forte, Photographer's Formulary, et al.