Unfortunately people buy the advertising hype, then turn around and buy the digital cameras. Shutterbug(a magazine I stopped buying maybe five years ago, but I was sent for an unknown reason two free ones) is all digital. Full of "Professionals" sounding the digital is better battle cry. and professing the death of film.

I do wonder if it is media hype and corporate pushing that is killing the film market. It really does make sense if you ditch your ethics and think the way a corporation does.

Build something that will not last. Force people to update ever few years to ensure a market demand and place prices that are higher on the new ones than the old ones while slaughtering the market for the used equipment, by making the used stuff obsolete


Build something to last, that people will give their kids. Build it so people will not have to "upgrade" unless they really want to. there are a lot of people using twenty year old Nikons and Canons out there, and fifty+ year old LF cameras?

There is a reason they don't build them like they used to.