I know it's a piece of metal, I've read Matt's story about how he found and photographed it, but that still hasn't changed how I look at it.

I see the skull of a bird, like a Sandhill Crane, encased in fractured ice and frost. The light areas cringe against the edges of the print creating tension and leaving a dark abyss. This image, to me, is about death...or...being frozen in the moment of death.

Everybody interprets the world, and art, through their own accumulated life experiences, which of course is unique for each of us. I don't think there can be right or wrong answers when interpreting art, even if it completely contradicts what the artist, gallery owner, or curator say it should say.

Maybe it reminds me of the series of thoughts and sensations I got as a kid when I found dead animals frozen in ice while snowshoeing. First you see a dark area in the ice, then you stoop down to look closer, then you have to get on your knees to see through the ice just to be sure it's not what you are dreading to see, then, with your face just above the ice you recognise it as a bird, or a skunk. That makes a big impact on a 10 year old...this print reminds me of that.