My plan is to use the utility table that I have. It's basically a 5' long metal table with a wooden top on it. The baseboard will be clamped to the end of the table. Need to make sure it's solid but worse case I could rig something to keep it from flexing. For aligning the actual enlarger all I'm planning on is two pieces of wood the right size clamped to the table. The box of the enlarger will sit between those. Between the tabletop and the two side peices the only place the box could go is up and I'm counting on gravity to deal with that-)

I'm wondering if the image will hit the table. Actually thinking about it I sure it will. I guess just stacking something under the box would deal with that. Or building in some legs on the box to keep it up. The simple thing would be to have the camera on the edge of the table and to project against the wall.

When not in use everything would unclamp and get stored easily enough. Just a bit of setup and cleanup time.