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In PC-TEA, the only difference is the TEA itself as the activator. The amounts of Phenidone and Vitamin C remain the same. I can't tell the difference in my negs at 11 X14 enlargements in terms of grain or tonality. So for me, the teaspoon of Kodalk is quicker and easier than making up the TEA solution.

I am very interested in PC-TEA (I have been for a while) but am unable to get TEA in the UK easily and was fascinated to read this thread from the archives about a similar version that did not require the TEA.

I was wondering about a couple of things:

1. Since the thread was written how are people getting on with this non-TEA PC developer? I am particularly interested in using it with FP4+ as I have heard that it is the closest thing to my dearly departed Paterson Acutol!

2. I am confused by the seemingly different ratios of Phenidone and Vit C in the non TEA recipe to the original TEA recipe. Apologies if I am making a mathematical mistake as numbers are not my strong point(!) but as I understand it in PC-TEA the mixture is 9 grams of Vit C to 0.225 grams of Phenidone whereas the non-TEA recipe is 4grams of Vit C to 0.04 grams of Phenidone. Is the different ratio relevant or perhaps not really given the the other components of each developer (TEA versus water and kodalk)?

3. And finally, are there any people in the UK using these sorts of developers?

Many thanks!