Andre R. de Avillez wrote:
Ilford, in my ignorant understanding, does not have as a big of a share in the digital market, so they might hold out a bit longer.

Three years ago Ilford were just about gone, Kodak had made an offer and it was accepted but just a short time before the contracts were to be signed Kodak pulled out of the deal. Ilford started to manufacture high end digital paper but also sold very low end digital paper in places like Tesco and Computer World and those sales generated a lot of income and saved Ilford. Last year for the first time more than 50% of their turnover was generated by Digital paper sales and they are still growing. I do quite a lot of promotional work with Ilford and when the UK Sales Director told me the figures I asked for how long they would continue to manufacture film to be told that there were no plans to stop but that they would not be spending money on research projects for new traditional products. Whilst we may be anti digital we have it to thank for saving Ilford.

I have worked for Ilford at shows and in colleges for nearly 10 years and have always found they give straight answers to my sometimes very direct questions and they are very concerned about their customers needs. I think they will continue making film and paper for many years to come. I do not think that I can say the same about Agfa, it has been common knowledge for many years in the industry in the UK that Agfa B&W Division has been available for sale but their have been no serious takers.